Stop looking for the perfect trainers. You've found them, Amazing, fantastic.  I had one hyperactive dog, couldn't put his lead on without him jumping everywhere.  I now have a calm relaxed dog. What a joy. EK9i know their stuff, they are the real deal. Can not recommend enough. 

Thank you. Lisa n Alfie 



I have seen an overnight change in my dog. EK9i came to complete an initial assessment and immediately saw some domestic challenges that were confusing my dog and causing his behaviour. These simple changes were implemented and overnight Otti calmed down.                                         Previously I had seen two other behaviourists in my home who had assessed symptoms, not causes, and there had been no improvements, so this assessment was dramatic. I felt blocked and saddened by the impact of his behaviour, but now I feel confident and excited about what can change. I'm looking forward to the next phase of training.                                    Thank you so much, Caroline.

Dog: Layla
Our new rescue dog came with a few socialising issues, and  EK9i were recommended to us. And we're so grateful for that!
Her improvement started after lesson 1. She is now far less reactive on her walks, with more discipline and happiness, EK9i even looked into her diet needs. Even highly regarded brands were not providing our dog with the diet she deserved, and she  is much better for everything that EK9i have done for her.

Dog: Alfie

Proof is in the pudding is a saying but with EK9i it's true!!! They deliver fast results, they give you the correct tools and methods, and show you how to be a better handler. I cannot tell you enough  how they has shown me the way of undoing a very reactive  dog, a dog that thinks or rather knows he's top dog, wouldn’t let another dog pass by without him crying or lunging.  Week 2 not only was I able to walk side by side with another dog, one even licked his face. My dog didn't move - that was the first time in a  year that has ever happened. I cannot praise them enough. EK9i know their stuff, they know the  techniques; all that's standing in the way of correcting your dog’s bad habits is you, wouldn't go anywhere else.  

 Thank you EK9i, kindest regards Nick

Dog: Donald
I have been attending EK9i's agility classes, which are held at Doggy VIP’s fields. Donald my loon of a Labrador has come on leaps and bounds, literally, with his agility. EK9i have been  outstanding in their instruction,  giving myself and Donald the confidence to achieve far more than I expected him to. He can now do every piece of equipment some to higher levels than others. Now we are putting it all together and I can’t wait. Can’t recommend the EK9i team enough, and I am also looking forward to obedience classes to help further shape my boy and nail his recall.
Thank you EK9i, from Vanessa

Dog: Sonny

We contacted EK9i for our Malinois, Sonny. Without their expertise and experience in training Sonny, we wouldn’t be where we are now.  Sonny was not only trained, we were educated  about the breed and trained in how to deal with Sonny. They were (and still are) always available for questions and queries by phone or text.  I would highly recommend EK9i
Becky P